Croix Oil Company’s roots date back to a company called the John J. Kilty Company that began operations in the late 1800’s as a coal company. In 1964, John Ogren purchased the company and renamed it the Kilty-Ogren Petroleum Company. At the same time, John Ogren moved his family to Stillwater, Minnesota, where the headquarters of the Kilty-Ogren Petroleum Company were located. In the 60’s, the primary business of the Kilty-Ogren Petroleum Company consisted of bulk fuel and heating oil sales. In addition, the company operated one service station located in Stillwater, Minnesota.

In 1972, the company changed its name to Croix Oil Company. Since the acquisition of the company by John Ogren, it has truly been a family business. John’s wife, Peg, provided office support functions for many years, and four of John and Peg’s six children have worked for Croix Oil Company in some capacity.

Over the years, the family business has incorporated multiple companies in various related businesses. Such businesses have included: trucking, commercial and industrial fuels, lubricants, branded and unbranded retail fuels supply, convenience store-service station direct operations, and real estate (focusing primarily on petroleum retail properties). At various points in its history, Croix Oil Company has had offices in Stillwater and Duluth and sold products in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Michigan and Illinois, as well as Canada.

In the past ten years, Croix Oil Company has refocused its business on the retail class of trade. Within the retail petroleum industry, Croix Oil Company delivers petroleum products to the consuming public by three methods. First, Croix Oil Company owns and operates its own company retail stores. Second, Croix owns additional convenience stores which it leases to dealers who purchase their fuel from Croix Oil Company. Third, and most importantly, Croix Oil Company supplies fuel to various independent retail outlets located in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Croix Oil Company’s customers are diverse, ranging from small mom and pop service stations to multisite customers. With its diverse brand offerings including Exxon, Mobil, BP, Shell, Marathon, Clark, Circle K, and its unbranded program, Croix Oil Company provides many options to its customers.

Croix Oil Company is a full service fuel distributor. In conjunction with its fuel offerings, Croix Oil Company provides a variety of services to its dealers. Such services include assistance with training store employees and managers, advice on merchandising and profit maximization, help with marketing strategies, and general coaching and assistance with most areas affecting the retailer (both fuel related and non-fuel related). To provide these services, Croix Oil Company employs a management team with substantial experience in the retail petroleum industry.

Today, Mark Ogren is the owner and President of Croix Oil Company. In addition, Mark’s son Scott joined the company full-time after graduating from college. The family plans to continue to run Croix Oil Company for many years to come.