Fueling the American Spirit.

  • Marathon is an American company with a reputation for ethical and environmental responsibility. Consumers know and respond to the crisp red, white and blue American image.
  • Based in Findlay, Ohio, Marathon Petroleum Company LP is the nation’s fifth largest transportation fuels refiner with over 1 million barrels-per-day capacity in its six-refinery system. Marathon’s brand marketing system comprises more than 5,000 locations in 18 states. Marathon serves the Midwest, Southeast and Upper Great Plains as a petroleum products marketer.

Marathon Gasolines with STP Additives

  • Marathon exclusively offers improved Marathon gasolines featuring STP Additives
  • STP is the #1 brand of fuel additives in the U.S.
  • With more than double the minimum EPA required dose of detergent additives, all grades of Marathon gasoline with STP Additives provide extra cleaning power
  • STP fortified gasoline helps maintain fuel economy
  • STP fortified gasoline helps control vehicle emissions
  • STP fortified gasoline helps prevent deposit build-up
  • STP fortified gasoline helps maintain car performance

CentsOff Marathon Loyalty = Fuel Discounts To Your Customers

  • CentsOff Marathon fuel discounts drop the price at the pump instantly
  • Become a redemption location for numerous regional and national CentsOff promotions and incentives, such as the GasBuddy 4-digit daily code that rolls the pump price back 5¢/gallon.
  • Opportunity to sell CentsOff Marathon gift cards, which are good for 100 gallons – a powerful incremental sales opportunity

Marathon Visa Credit Card Rewards Program

Cardholders enjoy the opportunity to receive up to a 25¢ per gallon rebate on all card purchases. Whether customers use the credit card a little or a lot, they still save. The gasoline rebate is calculated using all purchases during a one-calendar-month period, and customers can participate at three different levels.

  • If you spend less than $500 per month, you earn a 5¢/gallon rebate
  • Spend between $500 and $999 per month, and the rebate is 10¢/gallon
  • Spend more than $1,000 per month, and you earn 25¢/gallon rebate

When the total rebates reach $25, customers will be sent a $25 Marathon Cash Card to use on any future Marathon purchase. There are no rebate caps, minimum spends or annual fees.


If you are interested in the quality products, reliable supply, and distinctive programs that give you the competitive advantage of the Marathon brand, contact Croix Oil Company for additional details.